HR Interview Question – Tell me about your self

Whenever in any interview interviewer asks any interviewee to tell about them selves, they actually want to hear or listen the points that actually do their job, not their life history.

Common mistake any interviewee does are:-

A) Fresher

1) Telling about the life history.

2) Something not related to the job.

3) Telling everything but not their strong points.

4) Not Clear with the content and lack of confidence.

B) Experienced Professionals

1) Telling about only the past companies.

2) Telling about the personal experiences.

3) Not indicating their Strong Points.

What actually the Interviewer wants or you are expected to tell :-

1) Your most Strong points.

2) Your most marketable points or strengths that will help the company do their job.

3) Modify the answer according to the jobs requirement and highlight only those points that will help the company do the job.

4) Always be confident and clear in what you are delivering.

5) Make it very short and limit to a max of 5 points and one minute.

6) Don’t include your life history.

7) Look into the eyes of the interviewer and be confident in answering.

8)  Give specific proof to support your statement.

9) Never take more than a minute then the interviewer might loose their interest and might not listen to what you are about to tell.

Reference : Dilip Kumar Jena (